Quantum Network
Quantum Network
3 October 2019 09:04:12
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“I think it is extremely important that we are pursuing computer science, received the joy of communicating with the computer. From the beginning it was a huge pleasure. Of course, from time to time get involved customers, and after some time we began to take seriously their complaints. We to think that we really are responsible for these machines were used successfully and accurately. I don't think so. I believe that we are responsible to train them, to show them new directions and to maintain comfort in the house. I hope that computer science will never cease to be joy. I hope we don't become missionaries. No need to feel like a Bible salesman. Such there's enough. What You know about programming, you can learn and other. Do not think that in your hands the key to a successful working with computers. What You have, I think and hopefully there is wisdom: the ability to see in the car more than You see when You for the first time it failed, to see what You can do its great.” Alan John. Perlis (1 APR 1922 – 7 Feb 1990) #QuantumЦитаты

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